Saturday, December 8, 2007

About my family.

I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.I am the last man in a the family.My brothers always bully.But my second and third sister don't want to bully me because when they do that things to me I will bully them back.Now I want to describe all of my siblings.

1.The first daughter in my family.Her name is Jamilah Mariam.We call her Mila.She is very cute and 'manja'.She's also 'very' kind.When she's manja,I will not sitting or standing beside her because it just like disaster for me.

2.The second girls in my family.Her name is Jihan.She is very very cute until I want to pinch her chick.She's also very kind and helpful.She's very strict in academics.But there's a problem.When she sleep,she will never realized what happen around her.Now she studies about accountant in New Zealand and I very miss her.

3.The third daughter in my family.Her name is Amirah.She has a very good hobby which is reading books.Almost time I saw her reading books.Now she's studies in Moscow,Russia in medical.

4.The first son in my family.his name is Awis.He had a good memories.He also likes to sleep.He's kind and responsible for what he's doing.He want to be a good muslim engineers.He is 'engineers' in my family.Now he's studying in Matrics.

5.The second boys in my family.His name is Amir.He's kind,helpful,gentleman and caring.But he had a bad temper.He also likes to reads fiction books.Sometimes I don't understand what he talking about.He's studying in SBPI Rawang.He want to be a doctor of Otopedics.And he likes to observed what's around him.

That's all for now.